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Where to find us in Mendoza
Our offices are conveniently located a block and a half from Mendoza's central square Plaza Independencia, on popular restaurant street Sarmiento, half a block from the Park Hyatt.

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Ampora Wine Tours - Specialist for Wine Tours in Mendoza


When we started out 12 years ago we were almost the only game in town for English language wine tours in Mendoza, but now there is a zillion people and companies offering to take visitors to the wineries.
We remain, however, the only company that exclusively specializes in wine. We love good wine and want our clients to experience Argentina’s best - tasting a wide range of varietals and styles. All the specialized wine knowledge we have gathered throughout the years finds its expression in the winery and wine choices of our tours and, recently, also in our new wine club.

An authentic local experience
Over the years we have become friends with many owners, winemakers and guides at the wineries. Our tours are guaranteed to give you a glimpse “behind the scenes”, where you can really get a feel of the soul and passion that goes into winemaking in Mendoza.
Our wine hosts are locals from Mendoza who bring together the whole experience. They speak excellent English and can answer all your questions not only about wine, but also about Argentine culture and life in Argentina.

Small groups
Wine is best enjoyed in good company ... We have found that our tours in small groups of like-minded people are the most fun – after all everybody wants the same: enjoy the beauty of the Mendoza Wine Country and learn about and taste the best Argentine wine. Our small-group tours are a great value and have the same standard as an exclusive private tour.
If you are a couple that prefers an all-private tour, or if you travel with a larger group and would like to go privately, please contact us for prices. Also check out our Private Deluxe Tours.

The Ampora Team

Ana Laura Espinosa - President
Kai Reinke - Director
Mercedes Privitera Vázquez - Sales & Admin
Carla Poletti Cavero - Sales & Admin
Oscar Gaitán
Oscar Gaitán - Transport Manager
José Aubone - Wine Host
Belén Gil - Wine Host
Sabrina Sandoni - Wine Host
Constanza Bonnet - Wine Host
Florencia Lanatti - Wine Host

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