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Private Deluxe Wine Tours

On our daily wine tours in small groups we already visit top producers and have tastings that include top wines. Therefore our private deluxe tours are not simply the same thing in private, instead we have created two very different unique experiences for you.

Past to Present Wine Experience

Historic Winery in Maipķ

Travel back in time and really connect with the soul of the Mendoza Wine Country.

Experience Mendoza's rich heritage through deluxe wine tastings and an exclusive wine pairing lunch at some of Mendoza's finest historic and family owned wineries.

Icon Wine Tasting Experience

Tasting at Bodega Pulenta Estate

A super exclusive tour to some of Mendoza's most famous wineries.

This is an all private experience with special tastings that focus on highly rated top shelf and icon wines.

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For reservations and information you can select both deluxe tours on our Trip Builder page.

Both tours are available Monday through Friday

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