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A legally registered agency

In Argentina all legally operating agencies have to be registered with the national Ministry of Tourism.

Ampora Wine Tours is registered as the travel and tourism agency "WineRoads", Legajo 14259, Disp. 217/10.

Ampora Wine Tours Mendoza Argentina

Ampora Wine Tours was founded in 2006 by Kai Reinke, born and raised in Germany, after he fell in love with the people, the wine and food of Argentina and Mendoza.

We offer English language wine tours and tastings only, without getting distracted by offering adventure tourism or other activities not related to wine.

An insider's perspective
Over the years we have become friends with many owners, winemakers and guides at the wineries. Our tours are guaranteed to give you a glimpse “behind the scenes”, where you can really get a feel of the soul and passion that goes into winemaking in Mendoza.
Our wine hosts are locals from Mendoza who bring together the whole experience. They speak excellent English and can answer all your questions not only about wine, but also about Argentine culture and life in Argentina.

Small groups
Wine is best enjoyed in good company! We have found that our tours in small groups of like-minded people are the most fun. After all everybody wants the same: enjoy the beauty of the Mendoza Wine Country and learn about and taste the best Argentine wine. Our small-group tours are a great value and have the same standard as an exclusive private tour.

Direct bookings only
For our tours we do not work with OTAs (online travel agencies), who usually charge a commission of 20%. You can be sure that your money is paying for great wine tastings and a high quality tour, and not going to intermediaries.

Ampora Wine Tours Office
Our office
Kai - Director
Mercedes - General Manager
Carla - Assistant Manager
Sabrina - Wine Host
Florencia - Wine Host
Mica - Sales & Administration
Constanza - Wine Host
Andrés & Oscar - Drivers